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Work experience

2018–Present  •  Product Design Consultant

Helping startups define, build and launch their products.

Select projects:

• Eliminating car collisions with computer vision  –  with Nexar
• Enabling a better healthcare for people in developing countries  –  with Medicount
• Designing an OS for lightweight, mobile-powered AR glasses  –  with Reality+ (stealth)
• Crafting AR experiences for consumer and business products –  with Octosense

2017    VP of Products    Camerai

Computer vision built for creative expression

Camerai is a company developing tools enabling developers and creators to build real-time, cross-platform AR effects. I joined the team as its first VP of Products and designer, leading the product strategy, user experience, visual design and communication across the company.

2013–2016    Head of Product Design    BillGuard

Protect and do more with your money

BillGuard was a personal finance app helping people control, track and protect their money. Originally introduced as a web app, we quickly launched mobile apps allowing users to actively monitor and engage with their spending. Over the years, we've extended BillGuard's core offering to encompass more aspect of your financial life: Credit Score, Identity Protection (in partnership with Experian), Credit Optimizer and more. In October 2015, BillGuard was acquired by Prosper Marketplace, and our app was rebranded to Prosper Daily.

As Head of Product Design, I worked on the app’s core features from exploration through prototyping, handoff and launch, over multiple release cycles. I was also part of the company’s innovation taskforce, aiming to identify and model new use cases. During my time, I had the chance to lead a team of wonderful designers, promoting personal growth and skill development.

BillGuard for Android

Read case study︎

2012–2013    Freelance designer

Visual identities

Before joining BillGuard, I worked as a freelance designer, creating visual identities for small startups and established companies. 

Hello, I’m Ben Frankforter

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I’m a product designer passionate about making people’s lives a little bit better with the help of technology. Born in Paris, I moved to Tel Aviv and completed my studies in Industrial Design at the IED Madrid after an exchange program at ITESM Querétaro, Mexico. With 10+ years designing for a wide range of industries, I leverage my diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to form a unique standpoint on product thinking and design leadership.

I recently moved to New York City and am looking to join a mission-driven team facing great challenges. Know something? Get in touch!      Schedule an intro call