I love problems.

Teaching computers to see.


Tel Aviv, 2018

Nexar is an AI dashcam that keeps drivers safe on the road with real-time warnings, collision reports and more. As a Product Design consultant, I worked with the product, data and deep learning teams on the next-generation features leveraging the company’s AI and computer vision capabilities.

This project is unreleased, please contact me for more info.

Fun fact: we built a user testing station with real car parts to test our prototypes!


Tel Aviv, 2017
Camerai is a company developing an SDK and tools to build real-time, cross-platform AR effects. I joined the team as its first VP of Products and designer, leading the product strategy, user experience and visual design across the company.

Tipit Studio, our macOS app, allowed creators to build custom effects, reflecting the company’s proprietary segmentation technology directly in the user interface. Apply effects to computationally detected areas (foreground, face, body, background), and preview your creation in real-time on your phone.

Early beta demos:

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