A few weeks later...

There’s nothing like shipping a brand new product to real customers after 5 months of intensive work. After much celebration and pressure release, the big questions remained: Did we hit our goals? What did we learn?

︎ Learnings
• The UX differences between our iOS and Android apps made it challenging to compare the performance of similar user flows. For example, the Dashboard ︎ All Clear flows were substantially different on the two platforms, and we couldn’t establish a benchmark to compare the changes in weekly KPIs.

• Custom UI is hard to implement and maintain. We used amlost no standard UI components in our Android dashboard, and fixing UI bugs took a considerable amount of effort.

• On the long term, we failed to unify the user experience between the two platforms. This led to challenges in developing cohesive new features for the two “different” apps, as well as unifying our brand identity.
︎ Wins
• “Best Apps of 2014”, Google Play Store

I got promoted to lead the Product Design team!

The circular chart with inner slides seemed to have inspired other companies to explore this UI pattern: