BillGuard for Android

4.5︎ Rating
500,000+ Installs

Design lead
Head of products
7 engineers

5 months



Following the launch of BillGuard for iOS, the company decided to bring the app to the Android platform to grow our user base. However, instead of porting the existing interface, we wanted to use the Android app as an exploration environment to test new UX directions and ideas before adopting them on both platforms. At the time, Google's app review process was much shorter than Apple’s, so this would allow us to iterate faster on experiments.

The goal

Identify UX opportunities leading to increased engagement and retention.


This was my first assigned project at BillGuard, and back then I had no previous experience designing for mobile devices. With the support of mentors, colleagues and other resources, I quickly learned the basics of mobile development and the specifics of Android design, while leading the UX explorations of our app's core features.



UX opportunities
Ideation ︎ Testing 


What we learned from our users

Shortly after launching BillGuard for iOS, we started to routinely monitor the usage and performance of specific flows in the app. We also ran surveys and conducted interviews with our users on a regular basis to learn about how people use and perceive BillGuard. Among other interesting discoveries, we learned that:

BillGuard’s visual design “feels like banking”, using the app “feels like work”.

The current dashboard acts as a portal to access different areas of the app. Only a few elements (Total Spent and badge on icons) would actualize on a frequent basis.

Spend Analytics is a feature users find valuable and engage with frequently, for longer sessions. 

Spend Analytics & Category Breakdown
Visualize your spending and compete with your “past self” – the up/down arrow indicates your spending on the same day last month. Tap on a category to see how you spent over time.

The segment of users who reach All Clear frequently (1x a week or more) feel more in control of their spending and are more retained.

Inbox ︎ All Clear
New transactions appear in the Inbox as they’re posted on your credit card. With the All Clear screen (the ‘inbox zero’ for charges to review), we intended to give users a sense of control and peace of mind.